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about us

We are Fabio, Michael and Jannis and we are the founders and managing directors of " Renew-able ". We got to know each other through working together and realized pretty quickly that we think similarly and want to build something together that can have added value. For every potential customer and especially for our environment. In our opinion, the biggest mental mistake when it comes to our environment is that "someone else" can and will save the planet. As a result, you quickly evade responsibility. The thought arises: "What can I do about it?" or "My small contribution isn't going to do anything anyway". And that's exactly what we consider a big mistake or misconception. Because no matter how small your contribution seems to you, you can do your bit to save the climate.

That's why we at " Renew-able " offer everyday products that are sustainably produced and shipped in a climate-neutral manner. With us you can shop with a clear conscience! We also donate 0.5 € for every order received to "Greenpeace" to make a small contribution in this way.
We also leave nothing to chance when it comes to shipping . Withmajamowe have found the perfect fulfillment partner for this. We are part of theGreen Initiative, which focuses on sustainable logistics processes. We try to avoid any kind of plastic and pay attention to optimized cardboard boxes.

We know that we are not "the" solution to the problem. But we want to be part of the solution and a better alternative to the standard. We cannot yet promise that our products will 100% meet all ecological criteria. However, we are constantly working to achieve this goal. If you are reading this, you are already a small step further on the way to a more sustainable world.
Support us and become part of the Renew-able team!
Jannis Nikolaou, Managing Director and Founder
Jannis Nikolaou
CEO and Founder
Michael Schultz
CEO and Founder
Fabio Kaufmann
CEO and Founder